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Terms of Service
The following applies to usage of the Bender Discord bot: (referred to as "Bender") Also, "server" refers to a Discord guild and "server staff" refers to a guild's owner, administrators, and/or moderators.

User content
  • Bender's developers are not responsible for user content uploaded or distributed via Bender.
  • Your content may be partially or completely deleted at any time if it is found objectionable.
  • If you see any content stored or distributed via Bender that is illegal or otherwise objectionable, report it to staff of the support server.
  • Misuse of content distribution via Bender may result in your access being removed and/or a report being submitted to Discord if the content breaks any laws or applicable terms of service.
  • Bender is provided as-is. Its uptime is not guaranteed and availability may be changed at any time.
  • Premium features are not guaranteed; they may be changed or disabled as necessary.
  • Your permission to use Bender may be changed or revoked at any time. Blocked users may or may not be notified depending on context.
Temporary data collection
Bender temporarily collects data including, but not limited to:
  • Names and IDs of guilds it has been added to. This is stored in a temporary log file and is only accessible by Bender's developers.
  • Error logs, which may include information about commands and arguments used. This is also stored in a log file for developer use.
  • Edited and deleted messages, which are kept in volatile memory for up to a day. These are accessible to different users depending on the permissions set by server staff.
Permanent data collection
Bender collects the following information permanently in a database:
  • Username and nickname history, used for the ;names command
  • Reminders and saved playlists, which can only be seen by the user that created them
  • After purchasing Bender Pro, data from PayPal is collected and used to validate subscriptions. This includes:
    • Name and email, used only for displaying to the user to indicate which PayPal account is linked
    • Unique PayPal ID, used to identify the user and link them to the subscription they purchased
    • Transaction ID and timestamp, used to determine the length of the subscription
    • Plan information, including the number of servers selected, length of the subscrption, and amount paid.

Some or all of this information can be deleted by request; Email [email protected] or send one of the developers a DM.

If moderation logging is enabled in the server, the following is also collected in the database:
  • Details about when and by whom users were muted, kicked, banned, etc. This does not include usernames or discriminators, only IDs.
  • Since these features are customizable, you'll need to contact the staff of your server to know exactly what is being collected.

These may also be collected, if enabled in the server, but are stored only in log channels and not in a database.
  • Logs of deleted messages with contents, authors, and IDs, and timestamps
  • Logs of edited messages with old and new contents, authors, and IDs, and timestamps
  • Logs of commands used with message contents, authors, IDs, and timestamps
  • Separate logs of moderation commands used, e.g. Moderator, user, reason and timestamp when using ;warn

By using Bender or joining a server containing Bender, you agree to be subject to data collection including, but not limited to, the above. Collecting this data is necessary for all features to function and/or for debugging. It is the responsibility of the server staff to inform you what optional data is collected, but if they do not, assume all optional data is collected.