What does Bender do for my server?

Bender is a high-quality bot packed with many features (over 180 commands!) To name a few:

Popular!Keep out alt accounts using the minimum account age feature! See details here.
A robust custom commands system that lets you create your own commands and auto-responders!
Moderation and automod commands to keep your server clear of trolls and spammers.
Configurable permissions system so you can choose the exact level of access you want for each command.
Fun commands to help spice up the chat and keep your members entertained.
Image editing commands & meme creation commands (available with Bender Pro.)

For more info about Bender's features, see the wiki.
For a full list of commands with details and examples, see the commands page.

Currently powering ?? serverswith?? users|  For details see the stats page or the status website.


Special thanks to our sponsors, who have made Bender possible by donating!

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